Note: AS of 7/12/17, We have NO Medium or Large size, so there's only Small(older pattern-not shown), X-Large, 2X remaining. We have no current plans to reprint this in this(shown) color scheme.


This print is inspired by the caves of southern France from thousands of years ago. On this print version, I included a lot of my versions of characters from the Chauvet Cave; those are 32,000 years old, compared to some on this print from the Lascaux Cave, which is "only" 18,000 years old. The back is very dramatic with a full 24" x 29" graphic of my version of ancient cave drawings. The Recent Herzog movie, "CAVE OF DREAMS"(click the "Watch Now" button for a preview of the movie), about the Chauvet cave has re-energized interest in this shirt.

This unisex style is an aloha cut that has a straight bottom. It has double expansion pleats on the back for comfort. If you really want to see how fabulous this design really looks; here is a closeup view of our copyrighted CAVE FABRIC

IT WILL FIT SIZES S through 2-3XL (We have NO M or L sizes Left)

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